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PRWeek held its first Racial Equity Virtual Summit on December 10, 2020 to shed light on topics stemming from the recent incidents of white privilege and police brutality against Black people and the heightened focus on issues around diversity across the whole of society, including business, brands and the PR industry.

What do these events say about modern-day America and what needs to be done to break the never-ending cycle of racism and brutality against BIPOC individuals? What is the role of business in leading change? And how can active listening within organizations turn talk into meaningful action? Industry leaders and comms pros addressed these topics over four separate sessions and shared how brands should respond in an authentic manner, the danger of opportunistic behavior and the toll this continued injustice places on BIPOC employees in their work and personal lives. 

In this eBook you’ll find key takeaways from discussions on:

 • How companies can build inclusive and relatable cultures that empower all staffers to be their true selves at work

• The imperative for companies to employ people who look like their customers to connect with all stakeholders in meaningful ways 

• The challenges Black PR pros and women in technology face and how Big Tech can move beyond virtue signaling to achieve real change.

• What agencies must do to achieve genuine diversity across their ranks

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