Industry leaders of whom we can all be proud...

One of the most important conversations happening in comms – and broader business – today revolves around diversity, equity and inclusion. Progress has been made, but so much more is needed – and it will take a collective effort involving everyone.

Even the dialogues themselves tend to be not fully inclusive. LGBTQ professionals are too often not considered in related discussions or actions. We are hoping to help change that.

This eBook, Pride in PR, shares its name with a very special inaugural list PRWeek produced in the month of June, Pride Month. That compilation highlighted 30 LGBTQ communications leaders – one for each day of the month.

These 30 trailblazers, all of whom are featured on these pages, are role models that any young pro entering the industry should aspire to emulate. But they are so much more.

Their paths to the top of the profession certainly included challenges and discrimination others never had to face. Difficult as those were, they also helped shape the brilliant leaders they have become. So many unique lessons and inspirations can be gleaned from them – for ALL professionals – and this eBook underscores that on every page.

  • We recap a June 30 webcast in which five Pride in PR honorees speak candidly about overcoming stigmas and fears, as well as the keys to facilitating a year-round focus – not just during June – on issues of equality and inclusion. 
  • We introduce you to all 30 Pride in PR honorees, who share personal thoughts on topics ranging from mentorship to leadership to not only the importance of being true to yourself, but how to do so.

The goal with every eBook is to inspire and educate all who take in its content. The amazing professionals featured on these pages ensure that objective is easily met.

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