AI and PR: The developing relationship

Welcome to this eBook from PRWeek, sponsored by Intrado Digital Media. Access it now for exclusive data that will reveal the PR industry’s developing sentiments about AI and technology, along with expert insights that underscore a path to bolstering the discipline’s role across the broader business landscape.

Complicated. That’s a word many have used to describe the relationship between PR professionals and technology. The former has always understood that the latter can help them on so many levels, but fears about marginalization and even outright replacement certainly existed. The mention of AI caused anxiety, not excitement, among more than some in PR.

As revealed by the responses to the survey at the heart of this eBook, AI and PR: Growing Optimism and Opportunity, those fearful sentiments are dwindling as PR pros realize that AI and other technologies will actually make them more valuable to their organizations.

However, even with that progress, the journey is far from complete. There are so many ways in which AI can help the profession that have not yet been tapped. And PR pros need to better understand technologies, as they must play a huge role in ensuring the tools are used to brands’ optimal benefit. AI doesn’t work for PR without PR pros directing the way.

This eBook is a roadmap on the journey to the ultimate PR-AI partnership. On these pages you will find:

  • A look at how AI and technology is impacting specific PR functions on a daily basis
  • How AI and technology is strengthening PR’s role across the broader business
  • A deep dive into how attitudes and acumen with AI have evolved in the past three years
  • Respondents’ sentiments about AI, the triumphs and the threats, in their own words
  • Identifying the areas in which improvement is most needed
  • And more

Revealing data. Insightful thoughts. This eBook contains both in abundance. However, its main goal is to counter whatever fears might still exist about AI and offer education and inspiration that equips PR pros with the tools and confidence to embrace the technology and play an active role in its implementation. With that, the discipline improves exponentially – and brands will greatly benefit in kind.

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