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Welcome to this eBook from PRWeek, sponsored by NetBase Quid. Access it now for exclusive data that will reveal, based on PR pros’ own feedback, where the industry stands on its ability to collect, analyze, and implement media intelligence, where it needs to get, and how to do so.

EXCELLENCE. When it comes to a capability as integral to the PR function as media intelligence, that has to be objective. Good is not good enough. And “fair” or worse is unacceptable. And while staying on top of a 24-7-365 news cycle is challenging, there are more than enough tools available to do so.

Of course, the tools alone aren’t enough to assure excellence. You need to know which to use, where to use them, and how to best take the collected intelligence and use it to your brands’ best benefit.

That’s among the many reasons you will want to read this eBook, Media Intelligence: What to watch for, presented by NetBase Quid in partnership with PRWeek. On these pages, we drill deep to reveal where PR pros are doing well, where they can do much better and counsel that will facilitate those needed improvements.

This eBook is a guide for every PR pro who relies on media intelligence, so it’s a guide for every PR pro.

On these pages you will find data and insights on:

  • Building better media relationships
  • Reporting results in a way that resonates with the C-suite
  • Identifying the right platforms to monitor
  • Real-time media intelligence
  • Share of voice
  • And much more

Powerful data. Expert counsel. This eBook contains much of both. Above all, though, it will help you assess where the industry is – and needs to be – in terms of its media intelligence capabilities. Every successful journey begins by understanding where you are now. And it helps to have a roadmap to follow along the journey. This eBook is that roadmap – and we know both you and your brands will benefit from it.

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