Welcome to this eBook from PRWeek, sponsored by WE. Access it now for a recap of and exclusive access to RETHINKING THE PURPOSE AND MEANING OF LEADERSHIP, a report and webcast that will inspire and enlighten anyone who leads now and/or intends to lead in the future.

We’re in an age where all stakeholders expect more from brands than ever before. And after a year-plus of the pandemic, everyone’s eyes are squarely on the C-suite. They seek and crave leadership, but they expect it to be delivered with new approaches, inspirations and philosophies.

In turn, many leaders – 86% of them, according to exclusive WE/YouGov research – have become far more introspective, examining their own conscience and conviction with new levels of honesty, empathy and vulnerability.

This eBook highlights some of the key takeaways from a recent WE-sponsored webcast in which the following topics were brought into focus:

  • How leaders are adapting to an unprecedented era of change
  • The evolving roles and rules of stakeholder engagement
  • Embracing the “culture of readiness”
  • The importance of leaders’ long-term commitment to purpose
  • And much more

Revealing data. Insightful thoughts. This eBook, as does the webcast it recaps, contains both in abundance. However, the main goal is to inspire and educate everyone involved in the leadership equation.

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