The jobs of both communicators and journalists (on all platforms) are constantly evolving. Such is the reality of today’s media landscape. What remains the same, though, is how much each side relies on the other to perform optimally.

From the PR pro’s perspective, media professionals remain a vital audience and vehicle to help brands amplify their news and messages. And while experience can help communicators hone their media relations skills and get some sense of what journalists want, no advice is more powerful than that which comes from the very people you target with so many of your efforts.

The survey at the foundation of this eBook, Bridging The Gap, queried comms pros and journalists alike about a variety of topics germane to how the two sides work with one another. 

This eBook brings into focus: 

•What PR pros are doing right – and wrong – when pitching journalists 

•Tips on improving and amplifying the ever-important press release 

•Understanding the media’s true pain points and how newswire services can help comms pros ease them 

•The rising role of multimedia assets 

•A data-supported in-depth look at where the PR pro-media relationship is going

This eBook gives media pros a forum to share their thoughts with communicators, in many cases doing so in direct comparison to PR pros’ sentiments about similar issues. The end result: an indispensable tool that will help you do your job better by helping the media do its job better. Everyone wins.

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Helping you help a key audience 

Journalists tell comms pros what they need most 

Welcome to this eBook from PRWeek, sponsored by News Direct. Access it now for exclusive data that will bolster the PR pro-journalist relationship by revealing where the two groups agree, where they differ, and what you need to know to help bridge those gaps.